Gravebound Free Roguelike RPG


A roguelike set in a wild and decadent world


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Gravebound is a roguelike where you play a sheriff who has to make it through a forest full of danger and find out who burned down his headquarters and murdered his colleagues. To do so all he has is his skills, sword, gun, and a little bit of magic.

The gameplay in Gravebound is quite faithful to the traditional bases of the genre: the moves and combats are turn-based, the death of your character is permanent, the settings and enemies are randomly generated, and the difficulty level is in general pretty high. Basically, all you need for a proper roguelike.

The game's ambiance is pretty original. Most games in this genre are full of knights, demons, clergymen, skeletons, or minotaurs, but in Gravebound, you find yourself faced with bandits, wolves, bears ... and even a zombie or two (inside the catacombs).

Gravebound is an excellent roguelike that offers a traditional gameplay and perfect controls for touchscreens. A brilliant title with a tons of possibilities for playing over and over again, nonstop.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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